Privacy Policy

Integrity comes with Firemint as our team see to it that your privacy and data is strongly protected. We ensure that our services comply with the Data Protection Act while we are working for you. Protection of your privacy and delivering brilliant service performance is our main motto.

In case you are having any serious doubts about working with us while guarding yourself then our privacy policy is going to explain everything to you. You shall get to understand what data we need from you, how we are going to make use of it and how we shall safeguard it while professionally doing our work.

The information that this platform needs from you:

While visiting our website you require to cater us certain information and that could be of personal nature or type of information that our websites gathers based on the demographics for getting business data purposes.

What type of personal information is needed?

Personal information that you need to give while filling out a form at our website or platform on the Contact Us page or when you subscribe to our newsletter like your name, number, email id. This information is exclusively used for contacting you in case of informing you regarding our products and services in which you are interested.

For us to make a contact with you, we require certain accurate information about you or your company. But, do not worry because whatever personal information you share with us will never get out in any conditions or circumstances.

Your personal data is only used:

  • To inform you about our recent and latest products and the services that we cater.
  • To cater to your requirements while working for you.
  • To improve our products and services by taking valued feedback from you.

We take every precaution to ensure that your data or information does not get leaked in any capacity.

Gathering your IP addresses

IP addresses are the special numbers that your PC gets while getting to Internet. When you visit our website our web server automatically collects your IP addresses as part of its demographic data (traffic data) so that the page that you request to visit can be sent to you.


When you pay a visit on our site, we collect information for the improvement of our company and data purposes. One of the most significant pieces of information that we get is the usage of cookies. This is automatic as in when you pay a visit to our website, it is designed to gather the data about cookies.

You should know that this information is used on collective form and not on personal basis. This information is used to track your visit pattern, the feedback will help us to enhance its website based on the pattern outcomes and in turn serving the clients in a better manner.