Importance of Fire Engineering

In various huge and complex buildings, fire engineering is mostly the only way to cater a satisfactory standard of fire and life safety in the absence of compromising the design or function of the building. Prescriptive building codes often end up in design constraints that can add cost and lessen the functionality of a building. We at firemint consider the holistic building design, encompassing occupant types, location, and even form and usage of the building, to cater a practical client-concentrated alternative approach to compliance with regulatory building codes.

Our Ability

Firemint has the ability to design a fire alarm system to fulfil your project. Our team of experts have done many diverse projects right from schools and apartments to that of art centres, cafes and restaurants. We are confident that we can cater a design that will not just offer complete protection but even keep your expense to a minimum. Our team of professionals has rich experiences and can suggest you on what systems are the premium choice and what your options are.

Measures taken

Performance-based fire engineering measures the effects of fire and smoke on a specific building and occupants by evaluating, from first principles, the particular fire risks. We might provide design freedom in huge, unusual or complicated buildings, as well as lessen unnecessary redundancy and cost that is unavoidable with one-size-fits-all codes. Most significantly , a right level of safety is demonstrated rather than assumed.